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Preparing for your inevitable computer disaster

Tips, Tools and techniques, Windows, Windows 7 // 08/07/2010



Backing up your data is preparation for the blow that will strike. With a recent backup in hand, even a distressing event such as a hard disk failure may prove to be no more than a blip in your routine.

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How BackupBuddy saved my bacon

Blog, Commentary, Internet, Reviews, Ruminations, Tips // 08/06/2010


WordPress delights and terrifies me. This open-source blogging platform is a wonder to use. Not easy, but easy enough, and filled with such endless possibilities. But…it’s scary as all get out, too.

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Renaming files and file extensions

Tools and techniques, Windows, Windows 7 // 08/06/2010


Using Bulk Rename Utility to change file extensions

It’s easier to change filenames in Vista and Windows 7 than in previous versions of Windows. Unfortunately, the improved file renaming method has one drawback: it makes it harder to change the file extension.

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Portable SMTP: Take your email with you

Internet // 07/30/2010



There are all sorts of ways to access your email while on the road and most have distinct disadvantages. The ideal method lets you take your regular email with you: the same email program, same address, same configuration and same mail store no matter where you are. Enter portable SMTP.

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