MiFi Configuration Screen

Virgin Mobile may not have been the first company to deliver a mobile wireless hotspot wrapped up in a tiny device called a MiFi, but it is the first to make that little piece of portable magic affordable.

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Easy home networking

Published on 03/02/2010 by in Networking, Windows

Router software has become far easier to use and more sophisticated. Cisco includes the excellent and elegant Network Magic with its routers.

These days, almost every home is a candidate for a network. Most people have at least one older computer hanging around and families with children or two working adults are likely to have multiple desktop and notebook machines. While networking computers used to be something of a black art, Windows 7 makes it a mostly […]

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XP's Network Setup Wizard takes much of the pain out of setting up a home network.

In the olden days – about 15 years ago when Windows 95 first arrived on the scene – creating a home network was a fearsome task reserved for the knowledgeable or the courageous. That’s no longer the case. Windows XP makes setting up a network easy. The toughest part of the deal is physically installing the […]

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