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How to use a spreadsheet to create a simple budget

Basic Computing, Excel, Featured, Office Apps // 08/15/2013


The formatted budget

Creating a budget is of one the simplest and most useful tasks you can do using a spreadsheet. Here’s a step-by-step guide to simple budget creation in Excel.

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Sync, share, backup with Dropbox

Basic Computing, Blog, Reviews, Tips // 02/13/2013


Dropbox integrates with iPhone/iPad apps so you can open and edit your files in those apps.

One hundred million people have a Dropbox account. Discover why you should join them.

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Portable SMTP: Take your email with you

Internet // 07/30/2010



There are all sorts of ways to access your email while on the road and most have distinct disadvantages. The ideal method lets you take your regular email with you: the same email program, same address, same configuration and same mail store no matter where you are. Enter portable SMTP.

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Heartbleed: Which passwords should I change?

Blog, Internet, News, Security // 04/10/2014



Here’s a handy list of major services that were affected by the Heartbleed bug and which require a password change, plus Geekgirl’s recommendation for a password manager to ease the burden of changing your passwords.

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